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Thank You for choosing The New Kit! If you are visiting our site, you have most likely decided that you are in the business or want to be in the business of selling PVC signs NOT manufacturing them. We provide retail sign shops that very solution, we create sign blanks and carved signs for you, so you can spend more time selling and making money. At New Kit, our system is fast and easy, making it a highly profitable!

In addition, we have a highly skilled creative team available via phone, email, fax or our web-form to assist you through the process of selling, designing, sending files and installing New Kit PVC signs. Once you have placed your first order - you will see how easy it is to impress your customers with amazing carved PVC signs! 

We offer a large variety of PVC signage products - Wholesale to the signage industry, including:

PVC Sign with Pictorial


Why Carving? Why Shape? Why 23k Gold Leaf?

These three aspects combined with color and texture, create a physiological attraction in a prospective clients brain. They say to themselves, “Look at that sign let’s go in there.” In many instances it causes them to apply a brake and turn in the driveway. Very few signs have the power to do this. Your design skills are instrumental in completing this process.

Carving creates a striking look to sign that separates it from all others. The sign shape causes the eye to move and if it is in the right proportions the eye and the brain enjoy these movements. This is what makes beauty proportion and movement. 23Kt gold leaf adds the final touch, the act of elegance. This is where the attraction begins.

Are you…

…disappointed by late deliveries or product that never shipped?

…dissatisfied with poor communication?

…annoyed about sloppy work?

…frustrated by inconsistent customer service?

…amazed at the lack of  design understanding?

…tired of cutting out shapes yourself with a saber saw and trying to make that look good.

…angry about mistakes in size, color, spelling

…aggravated about shipping damage that makes the sign even later

…exasperated because your customer is calling every day

…upset because so much time was spent on the project you lost money.

Let us put an END to this! At New Kit we guarantee to under promise and over deliver we manufacture quality PVC Signs that will make YOU look good to your customer!